Our Story

The practice of lighting a candle is seen as a sacred ritual. The process brings light into ones home instantly and brightens their surroundings. While the physical act holds no importance for the people, the symbolic act of bringing light into their lives is what has kept this age-old tradition alive.

Welcome to Mōum - the world of light, color, aromatic fragrances, and compassion!

Mōum candles are artisanal handcrafted wax candles made to help inspire a brighter future - homes full of light, gratitude, connection and community. The candles come in quintessential and thematic designs, which fit every décor scheme with understated elegance. The candles are designed to brighten up your surroundings with their unique designs, vibrant colors and evocative fragrances. While each candle will fill your home with lush, long-lasting and authentic fragrances their true beauty lays in the cause they champion- economic and social independence for women.

Mōum is a not-for-profit social entrepreneurship venture, which teaches underprivileged women crafts, with the aim of making them self-sufficient and confident. These candle makers are humble women most of whom have to single-handedly run their household and look after their children. Through the years they have mastered the art of candle making and become true artisans and examples in their respective communities.

The company is fueled with creativity and provides a platform for these women to showcase their hard work, perseverance and creative flair. Each candle made is a testament of their determination to make a better life for themselves and their family. With each candle that you buy, you will be donating funds for us to hold more skill development workshops for more women and increase our outreach. With the blessings and gratitude you receive from them, you will become a part of their life stories as they share their own with you.

We hope to grow our team and help more women become independent and you can help us in our journey to spread hope and beauty, one candle at a time.